Sweetlifepartner Happy Story

Secret of happy marriage life

Finding a partner who truly loves you and accepts the way you are is not easy nowadays. Being a Nepali girl grown up in a combined family, I have always been aware of respecting and behaving from my childhood. I find myself very lucky to find a loving and caring husband. We both are working professionals, and maintaining work and personal life is always challenging. Here are my few secrets of a happy marriage.

1. Arguing doesn't mean that you are not a happy couple. "Like all relationships, there are ups and downs," says psychologist Erica MacGregor. A healthy argument is a way to listen and understand each other's view, building a better relationship.

2. I prefer focusing on strengths than weakness. Everyone has a weakness. It will help if you balance expectation from your partner, provided you know his weakness. The balanced expectation is the secret of relational satisfaction.

3. It is not always possible to do things together. But when you are together, it is always best to do something together. It could be cleaning, cooking or jogging. Such experiences will help enrich the relationship.